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From understanding your requirements, designing a blueprint and delivering the final product, I do everything that falls in between these lines.

Web/Software Development

Engaging in both web and software development, I specialize in transforming concepts into reality. Whether it’s crafting websites or developing software solutions, I possess expertise in a range of technologies such as Python, PHP, Django, Laravel, Web2py, and more. Whether you’re initiating a new project or enhancing an existing one, I’m here to provide my seasoned guidance and collaboration for your development journey.

Cyber Security

In the realm of cybersecurity, I conduct meticulous penetration testing on your system and furnish a comprehensive report that aligns with industry benchmarks. Additionally, I provide installation and configuration services for Sophos and Fortinet firewalls, bolstering your security infrastructure.


Are you seeking guidance for your IT infrastructure? Do you aspire to implement a new IT solution but require deeper insights? Are you navigating ways to harness IT for business growth, yet unsure of the initial steps? Perhaps you’re considering launching a freelancing career and need strategic direction. Let’s engage in a conversation to address your needs and chart a path forward.


With imagery at my disposal, the possibilities are boundless! I’m equipped to handle a diverse range of design needs, including labels, banners, logos, packaging, vector graphics, flyers, and business cards. Isolate backgrounds, enhance color vibrancy, seamlessly blend images—whatever your vision entails, I’m here to bring it to life!

Social Media Marketing

From startups to corporate giants, I specialize in amplifying your social media presence and business impact. By assessing your company’s strengths, weaknesses, and growth opportunities, I pave the way for expanding your audience on diverse platforms through organic and sponsored strategies. Alongside this, I offer extensive mass texting and emailing solutions to fortify your outreach efforts. Let’s take your brand to new heights in the digital realm.


Experience comprehensive training in computer programming, algorithms, and problem-solving essentials. Begin by establishing your coding environment and crafting your debut program. Progress to mastering diverse data types, loops, and functions. Explore advanced programming techniques. Each lesson will feature practical “homework problems” to enhance your understanding. Join me for a transformative learning journey.

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Many organizations find it difficult to come up with fresh and creative techniques to boost website traffic. There’s a lot of misinformation out there about how to get more visitors, which might lead to you repeating the same old techniques and expecting different results.

You can do these;

  • Perform Keyword Research
  • Keep Active Social Media Pages

Alternatively you can contact me for further assistance.

SSL certificate – is a type of digital certificate that provides authentication for a website and enables an encrypted connection. Short for Secure Sockets Layer, SSLs communicate to web users that a
connection is safe and secure. When a website holds an SSL certificate, a padlock icon appears on the left side of the URL address bar signifying that the connection is secure. Additionally, sites will display an “HTTPS” address instead of an “HTTP” address

Certainly, I engage in website development using a versatile set of tools, including Django, WordPress, and Laravel. The choice of tool depends on factors such as project scope and client preferences. Clients can opt for a specific tool or, based on the project’s requirements, I can recommend the most suitable one. My aim is to deliver optimal solutions tailored to individual project needs.

I have had a range of happy customers under the following categories.
Assignment/Project Work = 25
Web Development = 10
Companies = 15
Students = 40

Web Hosting – An account on a computer (aka server) that can store and serve website files via the Internet. As an analogy, a domain is an “address” on the Internet. Hosting is the “land” or space where your website files live.

Absolutely, I’d be glad to help you learn programming. With experience as a Django Girls volunteer coach, I’ve successfully guided more than 20 students in Python. I offer training sessions through WhatsApp, Zoom, and personalized private tutoring. Additionally, I provide assistance with assignments in Java, C++, and PHP. Let’s embark on an enriching learning journey together.


Domain Name – Is leasing a human-readable word (e.g., that directs people to specific
website files via a web browser

While I’m currently focusing on Progressive Web App (PWA) development, I have plans to venture into mobile development as well. I’m actively enhancing my skills in Vue.js to cater to the mobile market. Stay tuned for future mobile development offerings!

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