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Asset Management

Description: Asset Management and Tracker system with QR code

Laravel, Mysql, Javascript, Bootstrap

Cheque Tracker

Description: Tracks cheque progress with API integration to CRM for customers to know status of their cheques

Web2py, Bootstrap, Javascript, Mysql

Cheque Writer

Description: Software generate cheque in Pdf for printing.
Accepts data in excel and converts numbers to words
Can be configured to print on any cheque book

Python, Tkinter, sqlite, reportlab, xlrd

Annual Statement Generator

Description: Generate annual statement for teachers in Pdf group by school, district and region.

Python, reportlab, sqlalchemy, microsoft sql 2008

District Portal

Description: This is a web based Issue Ticketing app for District Secretaries, where they can raise tickets and check the status of the tickets raised.

Web2py, Mysql, Javascript, Bootstrap

Food App

Description: This is a web based food selection app for employees to choose their weekly meal based on food vendor menu. HR can generate report to know which employees have not selected based on the menu, reports on employees and their food choice etc

Web2py, Mysql, Javascript, Bootstrap

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